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Stuttgart Coffee Summit

As part of Intergastra 2016 Landesmesse Stuttgart commissioned Werbeagenten with the development of the visual appearance and communication policy for the third Stuttgart-Coffee-Summit. Part of the objective…

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Martina & Moritz – Wanderlust Cuisine and Christmas

We have prepared something fresh for our publishing house Edition Essentials – two new recipe books by Martina Meuth and Bernd “Moritz” Neuner-Duttenhofer. The book “Weihnachten –…

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Ice cold and sparkling clean!

“LKY Kältetechnik und Dienstleistungs GmbH” (“LKY Refrigeration Technology and Service GmbH”) is a company of LY-Holding GmbH, headquartered in Michelstadt, Germany. When it comes to…

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Deutsche Rohstoff – The Whole Nine Yards

In the fall of 2014, Deutsche Rohstoff AG approached Werbeagenten with the desire of launching a new online presence early in 2015. In cooperation we developed a modern, responsive website with fine features…

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Adler Mannheim – Our Colors

Right after Mannheim had won the German Ice Hockey Championship in April 2015, the first visuals of the upcoming season 2015/2016 appeared across the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar. The new brand image was…

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nora nTx – Familiar Quality, New Feature

The former Freudenberg subsidiary nora systems GmbH has been producing the highest quality rubber floor coverings for more than 65 years. A new, self-adhesive version branded with the suffix “nTx”…

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Martina & Moritz – Home Kitchen NRW

The next cookbook by Martina Meuth and Bernd “Moritz” Neuner-Duttenhofer has been released by our very own publishing house Edition Essentials. Not just enthusiastic amateur chefs have had Martina…

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Martina & Moritz – TV Chefs for 25 Years

The TV chefs Martina (Meuth) & Moritz (Bernd Neuner-Duttenhofer) were searching for a publisher for their latest book accompanying the television series „Kochen mit Martina & Moritz“…

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Corporate Social Strategy for Lighting Technologies

Since 2013 we have been developing the “Corporate Social Strategy” (CSS) for our Russian customers Lighting Technologies together with io-consultants. Lighting Technologies – headquartered in…

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Year after year…

Building up a raw materials producer Deutsche Rohstoff AG is accompanied by Werbeagenten as lead agency. Therefore, for the last four years we have been designing the annual reports. The 2013 report has…

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Werbeagenten and Heidelberg Historic 2014

Right after we – the Werbeagenten – had celebrated our twentieth birthday, the next 20th had already rolled around the corner: Congratulations from Werbeagenten for the 20th anniversary of…

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Infopat – Shaping health together

INFOPAT is a project in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region which aims to create a regional network of health facilities and the reunification of care-related patient data. Funded by the Federal Ministry for…

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Wieslocher Weihnachts-Wunsch-Aktion

The campaign was a complete success: children’s eyes lighting up, happy helpers and generous donors. Nearly 100 wishes were answered for children (under 10 years) whose parents could not accomplish it on…

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New Corporate Design for Epicto Showlabor

In the SHOWLABOR event concepts are simulated with great detail. New additions include a unique infrastructure regarding presentation and facilities to perform realistic test runs at a scale of 1:10 for…

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